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Year: 2019


Help Hospitals With Charity Donations

Environment: This category includes organizations dedicated to environmental protection that provide services focused on environmental protection; pollution control and prevention; environmental and environmental health education; and animal protection. It includes two subgroups, the environment and animal protection. Development and Housing: This category includes organizations that provide programs and services to support community development and improve […]

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Canadians’ Charitable Donations

Every year, millions of people make financial donations to charities and nonprofit organizations. By contributing financially to organizations and groups that support causes they care about, donors want to contribute to the well-being of their fellow citizens or promote principles and values in which they believe. Governments recognize the difference that these donations can make […]

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How to Brand Your Non-Profit Business

First of all, the creation of an association under the 1901 law, like the creation of the free trade union association, is relatively simple. It includes globally: The drafting of the statutes and the choice of the legal status of the association; The declaration to the various administrations; The publication of a notice of incorporation. […]

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Tips for Successful Charities

The simplified functioning of associations is one of the most obvious advantages of the association and in particular the ability to call on volunteers. In addition, the President and administrative members may also be volunteers. Since they do not receive a salary, you will not have to pay any social security contributions. No blocked share […]

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Advantages of Non-Profit Organization

The association can be described as a century-old “old lady” who wears herself like a charm. Indeed, created by the 1901 Law, the latter has never been amended. The association, unlike society, is a group of people “formed for purposes other than profit sharing”. It is therefore a non-profit organization. There are 3 major types […]

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