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My name is Robert Perez, 47 years old, I created Meteo Guinee Bissau blog in 2010 after my continuing education in computer science at the engineering level. But long before this training, I was a simple editor in a company specialized in online communication. I worked there for three years in the employment category. After that, I was a proofreader in the same agency. Graduating as a computer engineer stimulated my desire to create my own site that I want to be “cool”.

Why did I create this blog? Well, I think of all those who have difficulty finding what they are looking for on the Internet. This site, inspired by my experience, will help you to simplify all the steps allowing you to quickly discover (in a few clicks) what is the subject of your visit on the web.

I offer you a wide range of topics that may be of interest to you personally or to those around you. Find here some offbeat topics you least expect and yet make the buzz on the web.

Political, sports, economic and social news also have their place on this platform.

Do you need real advice for your administrative documents, your financial investments? This is where you will find them.

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The Meteo Guinee Bissau mission is to improve the personal, social and economic situation of young people between the ages of 16 and 35 in its territory, in addition to existing resources.

The Meteo Guinee Bissau works in conjunction with youth resources, whether in health, social services, employment, entrepreneurship, education, immigration, culture, etc.

Since its creation in 1998, the organization has been a place of mutual aid, support and promotion for the young people of its territory.


The Meteo Guinee Bissau is an initiative of CECI, the Centre for International Studies and Cooperation, a Canadian organization for international cooperation that supports communities in Africa, Asia and the Americas in combating poverty and excHistory.

Unemployment and the increase in school drop-out among young people, as well as the resounding success of the first Meteo Guinee Bissau , motivated the government of the day to create the
Meteo Guinee Bissau throughout Quebec starting in 1995.

In July 1995, Ms. Simard’s MP called on the main stakeholders in the La Prairie electoral district to assess their interest in creating a youth employment hub in the region. In February 1996, a business meeting on this project was convened, attended by some thirty representatives. This meeting revealed the interest of the community in creating a youth-employment hub within the territory.

As a result of this meeting, an interim committee was set up. In collaboration with the staff of the member’s office, the members of the interim committee worked throughout the year to develop the project. Through the project writing process, various partnerships were established with other organizations to maximize the assistance and support provided to future participants of the Hub.

In July 1997, the final draft was submitted to the Secrétariat à l’Action Communautaire Autonome du Québec. This was accepted in October 1997. In February 1998, with the hiring of staff completed, the official opening will take place in March 1998.

Meteo Guinee Bissau is now part of a group of more than 100 centres across Quebec. You can now guess where it gets its name from!the reference to sustainable development projects.

Enjoy your visit!